Yoga in Bali – Yoga in Canggu

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Located in bali studio northern town of Canggu, this yoga studio is less than a kilometer from the crashing waves of one of the island’s most popular beaches. Its new design is inspired by the collective stories and traditions of the local community, as well as the travel-based DNA of the Luxury Collection brand. Traditional elements include woven keben baskets, typically used to carry offerings at temples; low-rise dulang tables topped with colourful spreads of tropical fruits; and specially commissioned artwork.

How much does a yoga class cost in Bali?

The interiors are also a showcase of the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and local communities, with linens, towels, and tapestries from natural-dye house Tarum; Jengki furniture that was woven by indigenous Dayak people; and botanically tinted, hand-woven rugs. At the onsite Ayurvedic center, treatments such as massages and Swedhana Steam sessions draw on ancient Vedic and Tantric practices.

Aside from being a relaxing place to get some work done, the room comes with a dedicated internet line and backup so you can stay connected at all times – even during rainy season. When it’s time to fuel up, breakfast is served on a private cabana by the beach or at the plant-based restaurant Tanaman indoors if the weather’s not so hot. And if you’re feeling a little more indulgent, the spa also offers body wraps and beauty treatments infused with locally sourced ingredients and essential oils. A perfect spot to start your day in Bali.

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