Why Businesses Should Use a Phone Number Validation Tool

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The key to successful communications with customers and prospects is having clean and accurate data. However, bad phone number data can creep into databases and cause issues for both sales and customer service teams.

Using a IP Abuse Lookup  can help businesses keep their contact databases clean and improve the performance of their marketing campaigns. A validation service checks if a phone number is valid and exists, and can also determine its line type (landline or mobile/cellular) and carrier.

A phone number validator is a software application that automatically checks the format of a telephone number. The software checks if the number is in the correct length, has valid characters, and conforms to the country’s phone numbering plan. It can also identify if the number is a landline or mobile/cellular, and even provide information on its status, such as disconnected or active.

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One of the most common reasons messages do not reach their intended recipients is that the numbers are invalid. By validating a number before launching a campaign, businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with sending SMS and voice calls to invalid numbers.

Byteplant’s Phone Validator API is a web-based phone number validation service that provides real-time results for each validated phone number. It uses a multi-tiered process to validate a phone number, including international telecom authority validation, multiple carrier lines validation and 3rd party validation. It also performs a lookup to determine the line type of a phone number (landline or mobile/cellular) by accessing live telco data.

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