What is IP Query?

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IP query is an online tool that allows you to lookup detailed information about specific IP addresses or groups of IPs. This can be used by IT administrators to manage large networks and discover important information about the servers, routers and ISPs that are managing a given block of IP addresses. From discovering in-depth details about the network, such as its CIDR notation, parent, organization and registration dates to finding associated autonomous system numbers and checking for abuse contacts — this tool helps you at every step of the way.

This IP address lookup tool queries the ARIN database and gives you all the information about an internet service provider (ISP) or hosting/server provider using a given block of IP addresses. This information is very useful for IT professionals and security researchers who conduct InfoSec investigations surrounding phishing domains, spamming and DNS attacks.

Querying IP Addresses: Unveiling IP Information

The information about the ISP is displayed in a comprehensible manner and you can easily pivot between rDNS, ASN number, Organization and Type of Company data links. You can also get an instant map of the geographical origin of the IP address or a list of all the websites hosted on that particular IP range.

The tool also reveals the origin AS of the network block in which the entered IP address is located, giving you complete control over how your web pages load and videos stream on your devices. This tool can be used to optimize website performance and improve user experience by routing data packets through servers that are closer to your physical location, thus reducing the amount of time that the data has to travel back and forth.

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