The Best Cold Press Juicer

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The ai in retail is a large, heavy-duty stainless steel model that grinds produce on one side and presses it on the other, creating brightly flavored and silky smooth juice with minimal foam and bone-dry pulp. It’s expensive but the high-quality parts are easy to clean (and dishwasher-safe), it works quickly and quietly and comes with a 12-year transferable warranty. This model also won’t clog and is easy to maneuver, store, assemble and break down.

If you’re an avid juicing enthusiast and don’t mind spending more than $300, this powerful and durable masticating juicer is a great choice. It produced the most juice and left the least amount of foam during our Lab tests and has several features that set it apart from the competition, including a wide chute for larger pieces and a citrus attachment that turns it into a citrus juicer. It’s also easier to assemble and disassemble, quick to clean, and more versatile than many of the other masticating juicers we tested—you can use it to make pasta, breadsticks and nut milks.

Juicing for Digestive Health: How Cold Press Juicers Support Gut Wellness

This masticating juicer was a bit more challenging to use during our tests, with a small chute that requires you to chop most ingredients into smaller pieces and a pulp collection container that fills up quickly. However, it was a good performer overall, creating brightly flavored and silky-smooth juice with very little foam or pulp—and it’s relatively inexpensive. It also includes multiple extras that let you make fruit and vegetable puree, frozen desserts and wheatgrass juice.

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