Textured Duvet Covers

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textured duvet covers

A textured duvet covers  is a staple piece of bedding, keeping your bed cozy during the winter and cool in the summer. Whether you love the look of a hotel-style duvet or want to upgrade to a higher quality cotton sateen, there are plenty of textured duvet covers that will add depth and luxury to your bedroom.

A Duvet Filling

The type of duvet filling will make a difference in how it feels. The best insulating materials include goose feathers, duck down, microfibre polyester and hollowfibre polyester. They can also be made with a mix of these materials, depending on the desired feel and insulating qualities. Natural feathers and down are generally preferred, as they are softer than synthetic duvet fillings. However, they are also more delicate and tend to have a shorter life span than other types of duvet fillings.

Textured Duvet Covers: Enhancing Your Bedding with Luxurious Texture and Visual Appeal

Feather duvets are also a popular choice for hotel beds, as they provide a very soft feel and can be used in both the winter and summer. These are usually accompanied by duvet covers that are made from cotton with a high thread count, providing a fresh and crisp look.

Another great option is a woven duvet cover, which is lightweight and easy to care for. This linen one from Flaneur has a natural woven side and white cotton side, making it easy to flip it over to change the color of your bed. It’s available in five different shades, and you can even get a custom-dyed version of this duvet cover if you don’t see a color that matches perfectly with your bedroom.

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