San Diego Things to Do After the Sun Goes Down

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san diego things to do

For a night out, head to one of the many places in san diego things to do see a movie. While you may want to catch the daytime show, there are plenty of places to see movies at night, too. Here are twenty spots you’ll definitely want to hit after the sun goes down. As southern California is famous for its sunshine, you’d be remiss not to experience the city’s nightlife.

Opportunity To See Penguins And Dolphins Up Close

If you have a love of military history, don’t miss the USS Midway Museum, located in San Diego’s harbor. This aircraft carrier museum has a massive collection of restored historic ships, including the famous USS Midway. This museum is located right next to Waterfront Park, near the statue of Unconditional Surrender. You can even tour a restored ship from 1863! This museum is perfect for history buffs and families who are interested in a glimpse into the life of sailors during long missions at sea.

Whether you’re interested in animals or not, San Diego has plenty to offer for children and adults alike. There’s even a zoo for the little ones. San Diego’s zoo is one of the city’s top attractions, with over 3,000 animals of 650 different species. There are many family-friendly attractions in San Diego, including a skyfari aerial tram ride and on-site talks with the trainers.

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