Organic Mushroom Canada – Highline Grows All Seasons Mushrooms in Western Canada

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organic mushroom canada

Crganic mushroom canada – are having a moment. From humble portobellos and shiitakes found in the produce section to exotic varieties like reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane that are added to drinks, supplements, teas, soups and broths, mushrooms are a hot food trend.

Organic mushroom canada

Highline Mushrooms, the world’s largest organic mushroom grower with coast-to-coast availability of their products, has expanded their operations in Western Canada by acquiring All Seasons Mushrooms. With the addition of All Seasons, Highline is positioned to continue providing their customers with fresh, quality mushrooms across Canada, all year long.

The purchase of All Seasons by Leamington, Ontario-based Highline is expected to bring in an additional 58 million pounds of mushrooms annually. All Seasons operates two facilities in Langley, British Columbia and one in Crossfield, Alberta. They will continue to grow premium and organic white, brown, mini bella and crimini mushrooms along with specialty lines including shiitake, oyster and enoki mushrooms.

The Rise of Organic Mushroom Farming in Canada: Benefits and Sustainable Practice

All Seasons has been a leader in the industry, utilizing innovative technology to make its operation more efficient and environmentally responsible. This includes using pre-sterilized and hydrated mushroom substrate that eliminates the labor-intensive process of sterilizing and rehydrating raw material in each growing cycle, as well as reducing water usage. All Seasons also grows on a shorter growing cycle, making it easier to eliminate the use of pesticides. This allows All Seasons to maintain its Organic certification. All Seasons is dedicated to producing the highest-quality and purest fungi in the industry and is committed to the family values and work ethic that Dr. Murray O’Neil instilled in the company at its inception.

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