Lock Picking Tools

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When buying lock pick tool, it is important to understand the different types of picks available and their specific functions. Buyers should consider whether they need rakes, hooks, circular or half-diamond picks to suit the situational requirements of the lock they are trying to open.

The most basic picks are long pieces of metal with a shaped end, mimicking the shape of a key. These shaped ends will be used to move the pins in a standard pin tumbler lock into a position where they can be easily manipulated by hand. A rake pick will work best on an old or poorly made lock that has thick pins arranged in stacks. These pins prevent the core (plug) from turning by sitting along a line that divides the key and the lock housing. A rake pick will lift both the key pins and the driver pins in order to clear the way for the core to turn, making it possible for the correct key to fit the lock and open it.

Lock Picking Tools 101: Understanding the Mechanics Behind Each Instrument

Some people use lockpicks to get into their own cars when they’ve locked themselves out, while others keep them on hand for the upcoming zombie apocalypse or other cataclysmic event. A few simple sets of these tiny tools are also useful for gaining entry to a friend’s house or even a neighbor’s car. They are small enough to be hidden in a wallet or in the back of a wallet behind a credit card, and they don’t cost very much to buy.

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