How to Select the Best Blenders

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A افضل انواع الخلاطات isn’t just for smoothie making; these workhorses whirl up creamy soups, hot drinks, nut butters and more. But not all blenders are created equal. Whether you’re shopping for an inexpensive model that will do the basics or a smart blender that connects to your smartphone and can control preset settings, the variety of options is staggering. The key to selecting a good one is understanding your needs, says Carla Contreras, a professional chef and food stylist who consults on healthy recipe creation. “Identify the types of recipes you’ll be using most often, which will help you determine the amount of power and features you need,” she says.

Blend with Precision: Discover the Best Blenders of the Year

Motor power is one of the biggest factors in determining how well a blender performs, and different models have varying levels of power. A high-performance model might have up to 1,400 watts, which is more than enough to tackle frozen fruits and vegetables, tough herbs, fibrous root veggies and chunky nut butters.

Many blenders feature large, low-profile containers that hold 64 ounces or more. They’re usually made of BPA-free Tritan plastic, which is shatterproof and has a long lifespan. Glass is also available but is prone to scratches and absorbs odors.

Some models offer extras like a second, personal-sized container that makes it easy to whip up single servings, while others come with a tamper and scraper for better results, and some are designed to be self-cleaning. Look for one with a simple user interface that’s easy to clean and offers the option of setting specific functions like smoothie, ice crush, frozen dessert and more.

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