How Long to Use Boric Acid For Bacterial Vaginosis

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Antibiotics are a common first-line treatment for BV. They can clear up symptoms like itching, burning, a discharge that looks and smells fishy, and other symptomatic conditions associated with BV.

Can boric acid cause infertility?

When antibiotics don’t help, however, you may have to look for other ways to treat your BV. One of the most popular treatments is to use a boric acid suppository. How long to use boric acid for bv? A boric acid suppository contains 600 milligrams (mg) of the active ingredient, hydrogen borate. It’s inserted into the vagina and works by helping to keep the vaginal pH and bacterial balance in the proper range, which can reduce or eliminate your BV. Using a boric acid suppository to prevent recurrent BV can be as simple as inserting a capsule two times a week. It can also be a part of a preventive regimen that includes probiotics, dietary changes, or other natural remedies. It is important to remember that BV and yeast infections are caused by an imbalance in the vaginal bacteria. The good bacteria that naturally live in your vagina keep it healthy, and any changes to this environment can upset that balance and make you susceptible to a bacterial infection. Fortunately, most recurrent BV infections are easily treated by using antibiotics and a boric acid suppository. It’s a good idea to take these medications as prescribed by your doctor, so that you can get the maximum benefit from them.

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