Health Optimisation Devices For Chronic Heart Failure

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Health Optimisation devices are a way to help patients get closer to their health goals. They focus on establishing a strong foundation and fine-tuning it to help people achieve the maximum health benefits possible for their unique bodies. They are a different approach from preventive health, which is more about living at a healthy disease-free baseline. It’s about implementing protocols that can help you reach the best level of health and performance in both your physical and mental state, known as your healthspan. Learn more: Check this out

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For people with chronic heart failure, this means reducing symptoms and getting more out of life. Our Optimizer Smart and Optimizer Smart Mini device with Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) technology is designed to strengthen the heart’s contractions, allowing it to deliver more blood and oxygen to the body. It’s shown to improve the 6-minute hall walk distance and quality of life in NYHA Class III patients who remain symptomatic despite guideline-directed medical therapy and do not qualify for CRT.

The device is implanted in a small pocket on the chest, and connected to commercially available pacemaker leads. The procedure is performed under light sedation, and most patients go home shortly afterward. The device is charged once a week, and its battery is expected to last up to 20 years.

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