Halo Dog Fence Review

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This state-of-the-art virtual fence is a GPS tracking and behavioral training system all in one. It was developed by dog expert Cesar Millan and launched in 2017. This collar gives dogs freedom to explore outdoors while keeping them safe from potential dangers. It works with a mobile app to create virtual boundaries that you can establish anywhere outside (including your driveway, garden, and neighborhood parks). The system can also track the location of your dog, giving you peace of mind while traveling.

How accurate is Halo dog fence?

If your pup approaches the boundary lines, it will give them prevention feedback first – a warning in the form of either sound or a small vibration. If they continue to approach, the collar will emit an emergency feedback – a stronger signal that feels similar to a small shock. You can adjust the feedback levels within the app to find what works best for your Halo Dog Fence Review.

The downside is that this device comes with a fairly high price tag and requires a monthly subscription plan to maintain the functionality of the fences and GPS tracking services. However, it has been credited with saving the lives of pets across America.

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