A Guide to Philadelphia’s Best Restaurant and Hotels

food in Philadelphia

Are you curious about the food in Philadelphia? The city that never sleeps offers you an interesting mixture of historical attractions, world class shopping and dining restaurants. Food is a part of all of this and there are some fabulous options available to you. It really doesn’t matter which culture you visit; you will find traditional and regional flavors that are influenced by many different countries. From Middle Eastern to Italian to Greek you will find a delicious cuisine that is unique in Philadelphia.

Some of the more traditional Philadelphia food favorites include Hoagies, Southwestern style chili dogs, Phoebe’s Famous Buffalo Chicken, and cheesesteaks. There are plenty of these places to eat in and around the city. If you have never been there before you should try some of these dishes for size. While there are tons of these restaurants to choose from, if you want to get some bang for your buck you might want to start with just one or two. As mentioned, you can eat just about anywhere in philadelphia.

One of the best known Philadelphia spots that serves up some great Mexican street food is Papi’s. This famous hole in the wall first started out as just a lunch spot for the workers at a steel plant. Over the years it has expanded to become a fantastic restaurant with fantastic food. It features some hoagies, chicken strips, steak, and a variety of different desserts. The prices are very reasonable so if you are looking for a good bargain you might want to check this out.

Along with some great Mexican food in Philadelphia you will find a ton of Italian markets and restaurants. Many of these places are located right on the Pennsylvania Turnpike so you can get right back and forth with ease. Of course if you are looking for a true Italy roadhouse you can always find one near the Portola Valley. Here you will be able to eat right outside your vehicle window and enjoy some of the best Italian food Philadelphia has to offer.

Another place that you should check out while in philadelphia is Spot gourmet burgers. This popular place is located right in the heart of Philadelphia right by the Rittenhouse Square. Here you will be able to grab some burgers that are made right in front of you. It also features many delicious cold beers on tap. You will also be able to pick up some delicious chips, dips, and desserts.

If you are looking for some great food trucks in the Philadelphia area you will want to check out some of the many food trucks parked in front of Walnut Hills. These food trucks feature some of the best Middle Eastern food. If you love some authentic meat, Falafel, and salads you will love the food trucks that are offered at this place. You will also be able to grab some delicious sandwiches and desserts.

Great Italian Restaurants in Philadelphia

food in Philadelphia

It is hard to believe that only a few miles from the city center lie the best food in Philadelphia, and that’s true especially when you consider how far the University of Pennsylvania lies. A quick walk will bring you to Penn Square in Cambridge, where you can find some of the best Italian food in Philadelphia. The fresh baked treats are irresistible and so are the salads, pasta, and pastrami that are available on the menu at any time of day. There is a great selection of coffee shops and bars to tempt the hungry college student who is looking for an after hours drink.

There is no shortage of Philadelphia cheesecake or Pretzels. With a number of Italian chains having branches across the United States it comes as no surprise that many people prefer to eat their Italian food in Philadelphia rather than go to a branch that might not offer the kind of food they want. Many Italian restaurants in Philadelphia also serve continental dishes, and some will even have a take out service on their patios. You will find exceptional Mexican food such as tacos and burritos at most of the excellent Mexican restaurants in Philadelphia as well.

American food lovers are in love with buffalo chicken. Not only is the chicken tasty and satisfying but it is also made with delicious sauces that will give you a mouth watering taste. For those with an American penchant for barbecue, you will not be disappointed by the barbecue joints that are spread throughout Philadelphia. Some of the most famous have been around since the early Twenties, and even today there are some world class barbecue restaurants that serve some of the best cheesesteaks, burgers, and hot dogs that are available anywhere.

Cheese lovers will also be delighted by the variety of Philadelphia food favorites that feature soft pretzels. Hot apple cider rolls that have melted cheese on top and are filled with apple cider are a perennial favorite in this city. Hot dog sandwiches are a crowd puller with Chicago style hot dogs that have the tenderloin and other ingredients of the sandwich served on them. You can get soft pretzels for any type of meal that you are hungry for including chocolate pretzels, cinnamon pretzels, or even fruit dipped pretzels.

Italian food lovers will love the selection of pasta that you can get here including the many different varieties of the classic spaghetti and meatballs. If you love meatballs you will be in heaven with the many different types of meatballs that are available. Some of the best sandwiches in Philadelphia are the New York Style cheeseburgers that feature the best cheese in the city, fresh vegetables, and are served on a grilled wheat roll that is served with a tossed salad.

Another great Italian food in Philadelphia is the fresh Italian breads that are available. You will get good Italian sandwiches, pastas, and pizzas at all time low prices when you eat at these great italian restaurants. You can get a delicious baked New York style cheesecake or a delicious baked pepperoni pizza, for just a single buck. You also can get some of the best seafood in the city at places like the Captain Nemo’s Seafood Feast, Paolo’s Seafood Feast, and Tony Lama’s Seafood delight at Penn’s Fish Market.