Caran d’Ache Water-Soluble Collection

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Water-Soluble Collection

The term “water-soluble” describes art supplies – like pencils, chalk or pastel – that can be used in conjunction with watercolor techniques. In contrast to solid tablets of watercolor paint that must be applied with a brush and a jar of water, these supplies can simply be placed on paper and, when mixed with a little bit of water, create the same results as a traditional watercolor wash. They work perfectly with a classic watercolor paintbrush (or a mop or wash brush which retains water well), a little bit of distilled or demineralized water and, of course, your imagination! More Info

Caran d’Ache offers a wide range of water-soluble products to meet your artistic needs: pastels, colored pencils and felt-tip pens. The Technalo and Neocolor II Aquarelle watercolor pastels, also known as oil pastels, come in box sets of up to 84 colors and can be used in the same way as colored pencils. The same applies to the Supracolor water-soluble colored pencils.

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Graphitint water-soluble pencils are really unique: they’re a super soft graphite pencil that, when you add a drop of water to them, becomes a color that’s both vibrant and earthy at the same time! This makes coloring with them a very fun and exciting experience. We also have water-soluble graphite sticks that allow you to draw dry with their super soft lead and then, when you add a bit of water, the color dissolves and melts away, creating textures and shading that’s impossible to achieve with any other kind of pencil. For the screen printing artist, we offer ULTRA-BLOCK, which is a high viscosity water-soluble blue blockout that masks areas of the emulsion until it’s ready to print. It’s a great alternative to tape for delicate and detailed work!

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