Achieving Mindfulness Through Online Puzzle and Strategy Games

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Achieving Mindfulness through Online Puzzle and Strategy Games

There’s something almost meditative about piecing together aวิธีแทงบอลUFABET. The single-minded focus required to find the right piece creates a sense of calm that drowns out the cacophony of anxious thoughts that can run amok in our minds.

A recent study published in the ‘American Journal of Psychiatry’ found that when people are feeling anxious, engaging in puzzles and other activities that require concentration can decrease their anxiety levels. In fact, the study suggests that doing these kinds of activities can be a more effective approach than traditional relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation.

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The researchers conducted 2 studies to investigate the effects of digital games and mindfulness apps on recovery (as measured by energetic arousal) and enjoyment following a stress-inducing work task. Study 1 was a laboratory experiment while study 2 was an in-the-wild field study that included workers who were given a mindfulness app, a digital game, or a nonmedia control to use after a stressful work task. The results from both experiments showed that the digital game condition was associated with improved recovery while the mindfulness app and no media control conditions had a small to moderate improvement in energetic arousal. However, the level of enjoyment was not related to the changes in energetic arousal and did not contribute to differences between the treatment conditions.

The participants in the digital game and mindfulness app conditions were given a free mindfulness meditation application that they could download onto their smartphone. The app offered 3 different levels of guided meditation that they could select and practice. The mindfulness app also allowed them to track their progress and set reminders for daily practice sessions.

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